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Thales is launching the new SEARCHMASTER® multirole surveillance radar with active electronic scanning antenna (AESA) technology

SEARCHMASTER® is a truly multirole surveillance radar with the ability to meet all the surveillance requirements of five mission types: Anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, maritime surveillance, ground surveillance and tactical air support.

SEARCHMASTER® features an AESA active electronic scanning antenna based on fully qualified technologies developed for the RBE2 AESA nose-mounted radar on the Rafale combat aircraft.

The key benefits of this new product are extended range, 360° coverage, electronic scanning in the vertical plane for simultaneous short-range and long-range surveillance, and continuous detection in harsh environmental conditions.

This high-performance radar meets the requirements of airborne surface, ground and air surveillance missions. Thanks to its compact, lightweight design (approximately 75kg), it is easy to install and integrate with a system. It is suitable for MALE (medium altitude, long endurance) UAVs, medium-tonnage or heavy-lift mission helicopters and mission aircraft (turboprop or jet-engined), providing all these platforms with multi-mission capabilities. In addition, the introduction of AESA technology, coupled with innovative concepts of integrated maintenance, pushes down maintenance costs and improves operational availability.

SEARCHMASTER® has been selected by the French defence procurement agency (DGA) for the French Navy's upgraded Atlantique 2 (ATL2) maritime patrol aircraft.

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