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European Cyber Security Protection Alliance official launch

CYSPA (European Cyber Security Protection Alliance) has officially been launched as a European collaborative project following a sequence of national events in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and last week in France.

In recent years, it is has become obvious that, even at a European level, the cyberspace market has changed significantly. The CYSPA launch events were therefore organised to present the importance of protecting assets in a cyber-threat landscape from a European perspective.

In France, the launch was headed by Thales in collaboration with Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty. The event was an opportunity to present the concept of cyber-insurance and highlight its role in bringing a new dimension to cyber-attacks.

CYSPA focuses on creating specific awareness campaigns, identifying the real impact of cyber-threats on individual organisations and delivering support services to their members. It promotes an open culture of participation whilst coordinating and collaborating with other European initiatives. This is with the aim to increase the level of awareness of cyber-risk, increase the availability of cybersecurity solutions and contribute to a cultural, environmental and legislative framework that promotes good cybersecurity.

The launch of CYSPA is a significant milestone for driving EU cybersecurity strategy and Thales's participation in the project reinforces its dedication to providing efficient solutions to help reduce the risk of cyber-disruptions.

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