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Product Launch for Vidisco's Newest Digital Portable X-ray Accessory: The Powerful WifiX for Extra Long-Range Wireless Communication of up to One Mile Line of Site Starting today, X-ray operators using Vidisco's systems will be able to conduct scans quickly and easily from up to a mile away with the simple click of a button. The Long Range WiFiX kit provides wireless communication for Vidisco's portable X-ray system of up to one mile (line of site): This is over five times the distance of Vidisco's other wireless communication accessories. The WifiX not only enables operation for a substantial distance, but also improves wireless communication within buildings and where there are physical obstructions of sorts. The Long Range WifiX can control the X-ray process from afar, providing the crucial safety factor for the operator whether in the security or NDT fields. With the Long Range WifiX, as with Vidisco's other wireless modules, only one approach (or no approach with a robot) is necessary. The Lomg Range WiFiX enables simple set up down range with no cables and is compatible with Vidisco's digital portable X-ray systems. It provides fast, reliable and consistent wireless data transfer. The activation of the wireless communication mode is easily controlled from the Xbit software. This accessory is light, compact and can easily connect to the laptop and ICU.

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