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TDA ARMEMENTS SAS announces the successful completion of the first tests of the active protection system for armored vehicles

TDA ARMEMENTS SAS develops Hard-kill active protection applications to protect vehicles against anti-tank missiles and RPGs (rockets propelled grenades).

Within the framework of a contract with the French defence procurement agency (DGA) and with the participation of the Thales optronics division, TDA ARMEMENTS SAS carried out tests at the DGA Bourges Test Centre in spring 2016. TDA demonstrated its capacity to neutralise RPG and missiles (including tandem missiles) with the help of an active protection system demonstrator with reduced collateral damages.

This innovative system will significantly improve survivability of heavy and medium military vehicles operating in urban hostile environments thanks to the high reactivity of the system. The active protection system is an efficient response to asymmetric threats and an additional operational asset for the Land Forces in external operation.

After the successful completion of this first step, TDA continues, supported by DGA, to prepare for future development phases.

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