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Cisco and Thales innovate together for trusted cybersecurity solution

Cisco and Thales have launched a trusted cybersecurity solution to detect and counter cyberattacks more effectively. Cisco is a world leader in IT technologies, while Thales is European No. 1 in cybersecurity and a worldwide market leader in data protection. This innovative solution draws on the partners' combined expertise to help National Infrastructure operators to better protect their information systems from cyberthreats.

Three months after signing a strategic partnership agreement, Cisco and Thales now propose an innovative Trusted Anti-Malware Solution that ensures more effective threat detection and simpler analysis of security incidents for faster attack remediation. The solution combines the products and expertise of Cisco and Thales to address the growing security needs of National Infrastructure operators and guarantee the sovereignty of their information management and protection measures. Marketed by Thales, the joint, integrated offering is built on three pillars:

• Cisco solutions and cybersecurity information hosted on Thales's IT infrastructure
• Design of trusted IT architectures combining Cisco and Thales products and expertise, and development of security and data protection solutions for operators, all certified by Thales
• Creation of a sovereign cyberthreat intelligence platform capable of proactively informing detection probes as cyberattacks evolve

Recognising that each company and each organisation has its own cybersecurity needs, the partners have built a modular offering based on a core counter-attack solution. The core solution is supported by a range of services delivered through Thales's global network of Cyber Security Operations Centres (CSOC), including the centre in Elancourt, France.

Implementing the Trusted Anti-Malware Solution is the first step in an effective response to a constantly changing threat environment as organisations begin to embrace a Security As A Service model that can leverage threat information from all sources to offer a real-time detection capability.

Robert Vassoyan, President of Cisco France, said: "Our alliance with Thales offers organisations a new perspective on how they respond to the challenges of digital transformation. By working together, we have developed a trusted cybersecurity solution that fully leverages Cisco's unique expertise in cyberthreat detection and analysis."
Marc Darmon, Executive Vice President, Secure Communication and Information Systems, Thales, added: "Thales and Cisco have worked hand-in-hand to develop a completely new solution. We guarantee the sovereignty of cybersecurity systems based on Thales-certified security architectures, and now propose a joint offering that combines the best of both companies' capabilities."

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