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June 2018

World Security Report 7th June 2018

GJD has announced the launch of its IPAnything module (IPA). The IPAnything is a simple yet powerful input/output controller, which is designed to con[more]

Eurosatory 6th June 2018

BLER Systems to Demonstrate its OSINT System for Collection and Analysis of Open Source Data   BLER Systems a developer of innovative security [more]

Eurosatory 6th June 2018

Elbit Systems Launches MAY, a Wide-area Acoustic-based Situational Awareness Solution for Accurately defining and geo-locating events, which offers a [more]

Eurosatory 6th June 2018

HENSOLDT showcases portable Counter-UAV System At Eurosatory, the international defence and security exhibition in Paris, the sensor solutions prov[more]

Eurosatory 6th June 2018

DSM showcases latest innovations for ballistic protective solutions made with Dyneema® at Eurosatory 2018   Royal DSM will demonstrate its [more]

Eurosatory 6th June 2018

Seraphim Optronics to Highlight GABRIEL: a Man-Portable Radar-Integrated Surveillance System for Tactical OperationsSeraphim Optronics will highlight [more]

Eurosatory 6th June 2018

Supergum Introduces New Solutions for the Detection of CBRN Hazards    Supergum Industries has introduced its new solutions for detection [more]

Eurosatory 5th June 2018

RADA Electronic Industries will launch two new products, the eCHR and the xrMHR, at EUROSATORY 2018 The eCHR is evolved from RADA’s Compact Hem[more]

Eurosatory 5th June 2018

DSIT Completes 2 Installations of its Fiber-Optic-Based Border Protection System in Europe   DSIT Solutions has announced completion of the und[more]

World Border Security Congress 5th June 2018

CARICOM must collaborate more to defeat crime at our regional borders   Addressing the CARICOM Chiefs of Immigration and Comptrollers of Custom[more]

World Security Report 5th June 2018

The UK government has published its revised Counter Terrorism Strategy for 2018.     UK Home Secretary has announced new counter-terroris[more]

World Security Report 5th June 2018

IDIS To Launch Ruggedized Network Video Recorders for Transportation Sector   Ruggedized mobile network video records (NVRs) will be introduced[more]


Next Generation Solar Powered Helipad Lighting   FEC announce that a Solar Powered PAD-Star® lighting system has recently been installed at[more]

Eurosatory 5th June 2018

General Robotics Showcases the Pitbull, an Ultralight Remote Weapon Station with Anti-Drone Capabilities at Eurosatory   General Robotics will [more]

Eurosatory 5th June 2018

Magna Presents Smart Surveillance Solutions with Unique Image Processing, Machine Learning and AI Capabilities for Border & Strategic Facilities P[more]

May 2018

World Security Report 30th May 2018

Cambridge Pixel has announced RadarWatch, its new radar and sensor-agnostic display software application designed for in-country integrators developin[more]

ODSecurity 30th May 2018

Beat the Boss – The Fight Against Mobile Phones In Our Prisons Take a look around you… Mobile phones - everyone has one. From the tod[more]

International Procurement Services (Overseas) Ltd 30th May 2018

SONIC ATTACK or FAULTY EQUIPMENT In August 2017, 16 employees at the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba reported symptoms of malaise including, sharp ear p[more]

World Security Report 25th May 2018

IDEMIA has announced the launch of MorphoTabletTM 2i by IDEMIA, the first mobile biometric terminal supporting fingerprint, face and iris.   Bi[more]

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience, Europe 24th May 2018

BT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Europol to share knowledge about major cyber threats and attacks, as the two organisations rein[more]

World Border Security Congress 24th May 2018

IOM, World Customs Organization to Boost Cooperation Towards Effective, Efficient and Responsible Border Management On 8 May 2018, IOM, the UN Migrat[more]

World Security Report 22nd May 2018

FLIR Launches Radar and Thermal Products for Border Patrol with the ability to detect both drones and land-based objects   FLIR Systems has ann[more]

J & S Franklin Ltd 22nd May 2018

Stark Warnings of the Need for Global Flood Protection   So far this year, we have read UCLA research forecasting a severe climate future for C[more]

World Security Report 18th May 2018

SWIR imager set to replace GEN2 image intensifiers - ideal for applications such as Driver's Vision Enhancement systems, night vision goggles and hand[more]

World Security Report 18th May 2018

Teledyne ICM release new range of extra slim and light portable X-ray scannerTeledyne ICM have released a new range of extra slim and light portable X[more]

World Security Report 18th May 2018

GPS revolutionized the world with its ability to provide an accurate, reliable, and cost-effective positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) service w[more]

World Security Report 15th May 2018

EU supports the take-off of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services in Thailand   A roadmap to enhance Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEM[more]

World Security Report 14th May 2018

Sepura launches AppSPACE - a new way of enabling applications for more effective critical communications    AppSPACE delivers added capabi[more]

World Security Report 14th May 2018

Airport Security: Travelling with Children   An airport can be a pretty intimidating place for a little kid. Especially if they get separated f[more]

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience, Europe 14th May 2018

Tough new rules to protect UK’s critical infrastructure come into force   New measures to protect the nation’s critical infrastruct[more]

World Security Report 8th May 2018

Indegy Launches Industrial Security Risk Assessment Service   Indegy has launched a  risk assessment service that enables organizations to[more]

World Security Report 7th May 2018

New security innovation protected thousands at the recent London Marathon   The annual London Marathon became the latest event to receive the h[more]

World Security Report 4th May 2018

Airbus Helicopters has delivered the 200th H145 to Norsk Luftambulanse (NOLAS). The Air Rescue Operator will use the helicopter for Helicopt[more]

World Security Report 4th May 2018

Making Our Critical Infrastructures More Resilient: Best Practices   Today, our national critical infrastructures [more]

World Border Security Congress 3rd May 2018

Gemalto’s Biometric Authentication Technology Aims to Revolutionize Automated Border Control in Colombia   Gemalto and INCOMELEC SAS, a C[more]

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience, Europe 3rd May 2018

NATO wins the world’s largest live-fire cyber exercise   NATO has won the world’s largest live-fire cyber exercise, Locked Shields [more]


Pushing the envelope of helicopter operations   How to deliver people and assets as far forward in an area of operation as is physically possib[more]

April 2018

World Security Report 27th April 2018

Islamic State propaganda machine hit by law enforcement in coordinated takedown action   On 25 April 2018 law enforcement authorities of the Eu[more]

World Border Security Congress 26th April 2018

UN-backed programme logs record high cocaine seizures at seaports in Latin America and the Caribbean   UN-trained law enforcement units have in[more]

World Border Security Congress 26th April 2018

EU plans to create a data base to enable EU countries to exchange non-EU citizens’ criminal records faster   The Civil Liberties Committe[more]

World Security Report 26th April 2018

Changi Airport’s new Terminal 4 has already processed more than 1.5 million departing passengers using facial recognition systems from IDEMIAIn [more]

World Security Report 25th April 2018

Pre-screening visa-exempt travellers for increased security when travelling to Europe   Third country nationals exempt from visa requirements w[more]

World Security Report 24th April 2018

Blighter Surveillance Systems secure first sale into India for its Blighter B400 series E-scan micro Doppler ground surveillance radars, as part of In[more]

World Security Report 24th April 2018

360 Vision Technology launches UK designed & manufactured INVICTUS Hybrid Ultra-Low-Light HD PTZ camera   360 Vision Technology has recentl[more]

World Security Report 24th April 2018

Raytheon, Virsec establish alliance to protect government and critical infrastructure from advanced cyberattacks   Raytheon Company has announc[more]

World Security Report 23rd April 2018

HENSOLDT has unveiled its Xpeller counter-UAV system for the first time in a compact and deployable version called “Xpeller Rapid”. The n[more]

World Security Report 23rd April 2018

DroneShield  has announced that its products were utilised by the Australian Defence Force for the protection of the ASEAN-Australia Special Summ[more]

World Security Report 23rd April 2018

Gemalto awarded multi-year service contract for new British passports   Gemalto announces it has won an open tender with the Home Office, actin[more]

World Security Report 20th April 2018

DeTect HARRIER™ Ground Based Sense-and-Avoid Radar Installed at the Rozas Aerodrome in Spain   DeTect has announced that it has completed[more]

World Security Report 17th April 2018

iProov wins US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contract   iProov, a leading provider of biometric facial verification technology, today a[more]

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