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February 2018

World Security Report 6th February 2018

International Crackdown on Anti-Spyware Malware A hacking tool allowing cybercriminals to remotely and surreptitiously gain complete control over a v[more]

World Border Security Congress 5th February 2018

CBP & Cayman Islands Partner for Airport Fast Track Pilot Program   U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Government of the Caym[more]

World Border Security Congress 2nd February 2018

FRONTEX Launching New Operation in Central Med Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, is launching a new operation in the Central Medi[more]

World Border Security Congress 2nd February 2018

CBP Announces First Automated Passport Control System on Board a Ferry Vessel U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced Friday, along with t[more]

World Security Report 2nd February 2018

Princeton Identity has announced the deployment of its Access500e™  identity management kiosk module within the Dubai International Airport[more]

World Border Security Congress 2nd February 2018

Border Pass Management System Facilitates Cambodian-Thai Border Crossing   Cambodia’s General Department of Immigration has launched a ne[more]

World Security Report 2nd February 2018

Europol, Thomson Reuters and the World Economic Forum Launch Coalition to Fight Financial Crime and Modern Slavery   The fight against financia[more]

World Security Report 2nd February 2018

Tanzania is using Facial Recognition to expedite cross-border mobility   The solution by Vision-Box is being used by Tanzania Immigration Servi[more]

J & S Franklin Ltd 1st February 2018

The True Cost of Flooding  In 2016, worldwide, there were 342 reported natural disasters The total number of Hydrological disasters in 2[more]

January 2018

World Security Report 31st January 2018

Meteksan Defence to deliver Retinar PTR Perimeter Surveillance Radar for border protection application to a foreign customer Turkish manufacturer Met[more]

World Security Report 30th January 2018

CONTROP Provides Advanced Flight Safety Solutions at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport, for Bird, Wildlife & Drone Early Detection&n[more]

World Security Report 30th January 2018

CONTROP Introduces New SWIR and HD Thermal Capabilities for Airborne and Naval EO/IR Systems CONTROP introduces new Short Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) and H[more]

World Security Report 30th January 2018

Pelco and Ipsotek Announce Integrated VMS and Analytics Solution to Provides Security, Operational and Business Intelligence   Pelco has announ[more]

World Security Report 29th January 2018

DeTect's HARRIER system makes its Maneuver Fires Integrated Experiment (MFIX) debut   While other counter unmanned aerial vehicle measures are [more]

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience, Europe 26th January 2018

Allianz Risk Barometer: Business interruption and cyber incidents dominate risk landscape for companies of all sizes and sectors in 2018   [more]

World Security Report 24th January 2018

Challenging and remote wildlife protection benefits from IP video innovations Specialist installer uses Veracity’s IP transmission tools and pr[more]

MARSS 23rd January 2018

MARSS announce Middle East contract for its RADiRguard smart perimeter surveillance system   MARSS have announced an important contract for its[more]

World Security Report 23rd January 2018

CAMCOPTER® S-100 Demonstrates Competitive Edge in Search for Fugitive Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS (Unmanned Air System) proved its [more]

World Border Security Congress 19th January 2018

Spanish National Police and Guardia Civil join forces with Europol in a hit against Iraqi illegal immigration to the EU   Europol supported sev[more]


First HEMS-Station® Enabled Secondary Landing Site Goes Live View our video below which shows HEMS-Station® Solar Plus in action an[more]

World Security Report 17th January 2018

Automated, Driverless Security Robot to Help Protect the World's Highest Capacity Sports Venue   Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV provides an added layer o[more]

World Security Report 15th January 2018

Thermoteknix Systems are introducing the TiCAM 1000B, multi-function thermal imaging biocular.   “TiCAM 1000B is an exciting addition to [more]

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience, Europe 12th January 2018

CNL Software’s IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM selected by Gasunie to integrate and manage critical security assets across the Netherlands and Germ[more]

World Security Report 12th January 2018

Read your latest issue of World Security Report   Special Issue: CNI Focus   Please find here your downloadable copy of the January/[more]

World Security Report 11th January 2018

Fourth Damen 3307 Patrol Vessel delivered to Homeland Integrated Offshore Services   Homeland Integrated Offshore Services Ltd (Homeland) of La[more]

World Security Report 11th January 2018

US Air Force Certifies FlexZone® To Protect Critical Assets   Senstar has announced that FlexZone, its newest generation ranging fence-moun[more]

World Border Security Congress 5th January 2018

Migratory Flows In 2017 – Pressure Eased on Italy And Greece; Spain Saw Record Numbers In 2017, the number of detections of illegal border-cro[more]

World Security Report 4th January 2018

Global Port Security Spend Boosted by Port Upgrades and New Terminal Developments   With 90 per cent of global trade being carried out by the s[more]

World Security Report 4th January 2018

NexiTech awarded contract by the Department of Homeland Security to develop active cyber defense technologies for cyber threat mitigation   Nex[more]

December 2017

World Security Report 22nd December 2017

Ten child victims of sexual abuse identified thanks to international taskforce at Europol   Over the course of the last two weeks, Europol&rsqu[more]

World Security Report 22nd December 2017

OGSystems’ Awarded MOJAVE Security Support Services Contract   OGSystems (OGS) has been awarded the MOJAVE Functional Area 2 (FA2): Secur[more]

World Security Report 21st December 2017

Los Angeles Airport introduces contactless self-service biometric boarding   Vision-Box has just implemented a paperless biometric self-boardin[more]

ODSecurity 20th December 2017

Are Cell Phones the Greatest Threat to Prison Security   According to the US NIJ (National Institute of Justice*) “A widespread technolog[more]

World Security Report 20th December 2017

Illegal trade in endangered species: 29 arrests and over 2,000 animals seized in international Operation SUKAZU   The Spanish Guardia Civil, wi[more]

World Security Report 20th December 2017

Convergint Technologies announced today the acquisition of Maryland-based Genesis Security Systems, bringing further electronic security systems and u[more]

World Security Report 20th December 2017

eGates from secunet for faster border control at Vienna International Airport The airport in Vienna is one of the key hubs to Eastern Europe, and it n[more]

Thales 20th December 2017

Thales and Gemalto create a world leader in digital security   Thales and Gemalto announced that they have reached a merger agreement  &n[more]

World Security Report 14th December 2017

Sikorsky has delivered two S-70i™ Black Hawk helicopters to the County of Los Angeles at a ceremony in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.[more]

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience, Europe 14th December 2017

Airbus CyberSecurity Predictions for 2018 - Threats via social media and Wireless networks will dominate next year   Researchers at Airbus&rsqu[more]

World Security Report 14th December 2017

Explosives Identification Using Raman Technology   Explosives Identification Using Raman Technology Rapid, precise identification of explosives[more]

International Procurement Services (Overseas) Ltd 14th December 2017

Counter Surveillance Equipment helping to prevent fraud at Exam Testing Sites The newly-launched ANDRE Advanced Near-field Detection Receiver from R[more]

World Security Report 13th December 2017

Fortinet Protects Operational Technology Deployed in the Harshest Environments   Fortinet has announced the availability of its Operational Tec[more]

World Security Report 13th December 2017

A new milestone in standardisation for the document checking process   A new Technical Guideline published by the German Federal Office for[more]

World Security Report 5th December 2017

Raytheon developing superconducting computing technology for intelligence community A Raytheon BBN Technologies-led team is developing prototype cryo[more]

MARSS 1st December 2017

MARSS to Install Long-Range Security and Climber Detection Systems to Protect Merchant Vessels   MARSS has secured a refit contract for the ins[more]

World Border Security Congress 1st December 2017

Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe supports World Border Security Congress   The organisers of World Border Security Congre[more]

November 2017

World Security Report 30th November 2017

Intelligent Building Evacuation Safety System and Crowd Management   The recent fires in Grenfell in London and elsewhere have highlighted a ma[more]

World Security Report 28th November 2017

New powers for police to address illegal and unsafe use of drones   Police are set to be given powers to prevent the unsafe or criminal use of [more]

World Border Security Congress 27th November 2017

New Study Concludes Europe’s Mediterranean Border Remains 'World’s Deadliest'   IOM, the UN Migration Agency’s Global Migrati[more]

Thales 24th November 2017

Azur Drones and Thales are co-developing PHEBUS, a new concept combining a connected mini-drone and a secure communications cell for defence forces an[more]

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