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Nuctech Company Limited BEIJING, Haidian District, China
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A | 
Alexeter Technologies Wheeling, Illinois, United States Of America
Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co/SGC. , Postfach 160, Germany
Allied Defence Solutions Ltd WODONGA, Victoria, Australia
Ametek Advanced Measurement Technology Oak Ridge, United States Of America
Armstrong Monitoring Corporation Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Avon Protection Melksham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
B | 
BAE SYSTEMS Farnborough , Hampshire, United Kingdom
BAE SYSTEMS Integrated Defense Solutions Austin, United States Of America
BAR ENGINEERING LTD Walsall, West Midlands, United Kingdom
BASALTE S.A.S. Paris, France
BBI Detection Dundee, United Kingdom
BRUKER Daltonik GmbH Leipzig, Germany
C | 
CANBERRA EURISYS Saint Quentin En Yvelines Cedex, France
Canberra Industries, Inc. Meriden, Connecticut, United States Of America
Cascade Technologies Glasgow, United Kingdom
Charcoal Cloth International Houghton-le-spring, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom
Cybit Positioning Solutions Ltd Chessington, Surrey, United Kingdom
D | 
Daxan Ltd Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Detection & Defense Security, Ltd. Ijamsville, Md, United States Of America
E | 
EADS Muenchen, Germany
Environics Oy , Finland
EXPLORANIUM , Netherlands
G | 
GE Security Bradenton, United States Of America
General Dynamics C4 Systems Taunton, Massachusetts, United States Of America
General Dynamics Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada
GIAT-industries NBC-Sys Saint Chamond, France
H | 
HazmatLINK Limited Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
I | 
Idaho Technology Inc. Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Of America
J | 
JINO CORP. , Seoul, United Kingdom
L | 
L.Q.C. s.l. La Escala, -, Spain
Lantor UK Ltd Bolton, Lancs, United Kingdom
M | 
Markland Technologies Ridgefield, United States Of America
MDH Defence BIOQUELL UK Ltd Andover, Hants, United Kingdom
MK Defence and Security Ltd Montreal, Quebec, Canada
MMIC EOD LIMITED Birmingham, United Kingdom
N | 
Nuctech Company Limited BEIJING, Haidian District, China
O | 
ORITEST Prague, Czech Republic
P | 
Polimaster Ltd. Minsk, Belarus
Proengin Sa SAINT-CYR-L'ECOLE, France
R | 
RADOS Technology GmbH Hamburg, Germany
Radrisk Radiation Risk Management Girona, Spain
RAE Systems Sunnyvale, United States Of America
Reinaert Electronics Amsterdam, Netherlands
S | 
S.E.A. GmbH Dülmen, Germany
Scientific Production Center ASPECT Dubna, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
SDS Group Limited Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Security Lab New York, Ny, United States Of America
Security VIP Global Technology Group Taipei, Taiwan
Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited , Singapore
Smiths Detection Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
T | 
Temet Oy Helsinki , Finland
TFL Defence UK Ltd London, Uk, United Kingdom
Thales Group , Neuilly Sur Seine, France
TSA Systems, Ltd. Longmont, Colorado, United States Of America
U | 
US Global Nanospace, Inc. Carson City, Nv, United States Of America
UTILIS IBERICA Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain
V | 
Vidisco Ltd. , Or-Yehuda , Israel
W | 
Westminster International Ltd Dubai, United Arab Emirates
X | 
XTEK Pty Ltd Fyshwick, Act, Australia


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