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April 2013

IXSEA 11th April 2013

DP-PHINS adds to acoustics to place vessel operators in prime position iXBlue has expanded the functionality of its industry-leading PHINS inertial[more]

April 2012

IXSEA 16th April 2012

QUADRANS selected by French Navy - A programme to bring more than 30 ships of the French Navy right up to date will include fitting iXBlue's cl[more]

March 2012

IXSEA 29th March 2012

SEATRONICS, the leading Aberdeen based subsea equipment rental company, will take delivery of a full suite of subsea positioning solutions worth more [more]

IXSEA 19th March 2012

XBlue FoG at the heart of new CDL TOGS 2 iXBlue are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with CDL Ltd, the Aberdeen based subsea enginee[more]

December 2011

IXSEA 6th December 2011

New tools and functions for the DELPH 2.9 release iXBlue is introducing a new version of the DELPH geophysical software suite. This major 2.9 rele[more]

September 2011

IXSEA 30th September 2011

ROVINS provides marine survey specialist with enhanced heave compensation - and the promise of more besides Calesurvey works with sister companies [more]

IXSEA 22nd September 2011

A complete georeferencing solution for the French national mapping fleet iXSea, an iXBlue company, has installed and commissioned complete georefe[more]

March 2011

IXSEA 8th March 2011

MARINS selected for HMS Audacious, the UK Royal Navy's fourth Astute-class nuclear-powered submarine After an exhaustive assessment, BAE Sys[more]

October 2010

IXSEA 25th October 2010

French navy elects to install SENIN integrated navigation systems on board its latest Horizon-class frigates SODENA, a member of the IXBLUE group, [more]

April 2009

IXSEA 29th April 2009

IXSEA INS First Choice for Ifremer IFREMER, the French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea, has recently invested in a PHINS Inertia[more]

IXSEA 1st April 2009

IXSEA have launched ROVINS, a combined survey grade gyrocompass and full featured Inertial Navigation System (INS) for depths to 3,000 m. Designed[more]

October 2008

IXSEA 28th October 2008

IXSEA demonstrates Route Survey Systems at Euronaval 2008 IXSEA demonstrates its Route Survey Systems at EURONAVAL 2008, which takes place at Paris[more]

IXSEA 27th October 2008

ELICS MK-5 Digital MCM Side Scan Sonar at Euronaval 2008 IXSEA launches ELICS MK-5 at EURONAVAL 2008, Paris-Le Bourget exhibition center from 27 to[more]

IXSEA 28th October 2008

IXSEA launches ELICS 100-400 Dual Frequency Digital Side Scan Sonar at Euronaval 2008 IXSEA launches ELICS 100-400 at EURONAVAL which takes pla[more]

IXSEA 24th October 2008

French Prime Minister Visits Ixsea The French Prime Minister, Mr François Fillon, visited the IXSEA site in Marly le Roi (outside Paris) where t[more]

IXSEA 10th October 2008

IXSEA announces record OCTANS month in the USA IXSEA Inc. received orders for a total of 23 OCTANS AHRS over the past month. This brings to over 7[more]

July 2008

IXSEA 16th July 2008

IXSEA appoints new sales director IXSEA is pleased to announce the appointment of David Cunningham as Marine Sales Director of IXSEA Ltd., based in[more]

April 2008

IXSEA 29th April 2008

Harvey-Lynch, Inc. has been appointed as representatives for IXSEA's Marine Navigation and Positioning product line for the Gulf of Mexico stat[more]

IXSEA 4th April 2008

IXSEA has delivered a PHINS 6000 inertial navigation system to Seatronics, leaders in marine survey equipment rental PHINS 6000 with DVL Ready opt[more]

October 2007

IXSEA 27th October 2007

IXSEA equips National Oceanography Centre's Autosub6000 AUV with PHINS The Autosub6000 AUV of the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton,[more]

November 2006

IXSEA 15th November 2006

Belgian Navy awards integrated survey solution contract to IXSEA. IXSEA announced the signing of a contract with the Belgian Navy to provide an i[more]

August 2006

IXSEA 10th August 2006

IXSEA wins prize at Balt-Military-Expo 2006 IXSEA won the "Amber Medallion� in the Rear Admiral Xawery Czernicki Grand Prix at Balt-Mili[more]

October 2006

IXSEA 19th October 2006

IXSEA's STARINS range at Euronaval 2006 IXSEA, the industry leader specializing in navigational, subsea positioning and imagery systems and [more]

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