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Adaptive Recognition Hungary, Inc Budapest, Hungary
Advanced Detection Technology Maiden, Nc, United States Of America
Al Afandi Establishment Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
ALLEN FENCING LTD West Byfleet, Surrey, United Kingdom
AMC Security Products Ltd. Shoreham, West Sussex, United Kingdom
ANPR International Sheffield, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Appian Technology Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Avon Barrier Company Ltd Bristol, United Kingdom
C | 
CS Communication & Systèmes Fontenay-aux-roses, France
D | 
Dallmeier electronic , Cranachweg 1 , Germany
Dallmeier electronic France S.à.r.l. Eckbolsheim, France
Dallmeier electronic UK Ltd Bristol, United Kingdom
DENBRIDGE MARINE LTD Birkenhead, Wirrel, United Kingdom
E | 
Elbit Security Systems (ELSEC) Rehovot, Israel
G | 
G et S Bordeaux, Gironde, France
Gem Elettronica srl S. Benedetto Del Tronto, Italy, Italy
H | 
Heald Ltd Hornsea, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
I | 
iOmniscient Chatswood / Sydney , Nsw, Australia
J | 
Jacksons Fencing Ltd Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom
L | 
LAP Electrical Ltd Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Londesborough Security Equipment plc Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
M | 
Markland Technologies Ridgefield, United States Of America
Milestone Systems Brondby, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mipha International Ltd. Ramat Hasharon, Israel
N | 
NEWGATE (NEWARK) LIMITED , Newark, United Kingdom
Noptel Oy Oulu, Finland
P | 
Planet 4 Networks , Sussex, United Kingdom
Plath Hamburg, Germany
PMG, Inc. Wheeling, Wv, United States Of America
Presion Y Fuerza Barbatain, Navarra, Spain
PULNiX America, Inc. Sunnyvale, Ca, United States Of America
Q | 
QinetiQ FARNBOROUGH, Hampshire, United Kingdom
QinetiQ Gosport, Hants, United Kingdom
QinetiQ Malvern, United Kingdom
Quercus Technologies , Spain
R | 
Radar Digital Systems Inc Scotts Valley, Ca, United States Of America
Radio Telecom Services Ltd Livingston, West Lothian, United Kingdom
Regard Ltd Holon, Israel
S | 
SafetyXpress Stromberg Johannesburg, South Africa
Sagem Securite MONTROUGE, France
Siemens , Greece
Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited , Singapore
SOFRELOG SA Bezons - Cedex, France
Southwell Murphy & Associates Old Bar Beach, Nsw, Australia
T | 
Telephonics Corporation Farmingdale, Ny, United States Of America
Thales Group , Neuilly Sur Seine, France
Transas Marine Ltd. Portsmouth, United Kingdom
U | 
ULGEN Industrial Sys. Co. Ltd. Ankara, Turkey, Turkey
V | 
Vector ACS Heemstede, Netherlands
X | 
XenICs Leuven, Belgium
Xianfeng Machinery Tx, Zhejiang, China



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