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September 2011

QinetiQ 14th September 2011

QinetiQ continues successful delivery of fully contractorised services for Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operations in Afghanistan Building on the[more]

QinetiQ 14th September 2011

QinetiQ signs MoU with Dytecna QinetiQ and Dytecna Ltd. today (September 14th 2011) signed a MoU which will see two leading experts from the defenc[more]

November 2010

QinetiQ 22nd November 2010

QinetiQ's US Services business selected by NASA to provide engineering support to Kennedy Space Centre QinetiQ Group PLC notes the announcement by[more]

September 2010

QinetiQ 29th September 2010

QinetiQ OptaSense® is selected to protect the BP-led Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan pipeline QinetiQ's OptaSense® technology has been chosen as [more]

July 2010

QinetiQ 23rd July 2010

After 14 nights in the air, QinetiQ prepares to land its Zephyr solar powered unmanned aircraft Zephyr was launched on 09 July and is currently sti[more]

November 2009

QinetiQ 20th November 2009

QinetiQ's Zephyr solar-powered unmanned aerial system is flown by US Naval Air Warfare Center personnel QinetiQ's Zephyr High-Altitude Long-Enduran[more]

QinetiQ 12th November 2009

QinetiQ North America's Lightweight, Versatile Sniper Detection System Wins Popular Science "Best of What's New" Award Popular Science Selects Ears[more]

October 2009

QinetiQ 19th October 2009

QinetiQ North America to provide IT support to U.S. Secret Service Task orders will enhance Secret Service enterprise infrastructure The Depar[more]

QinetiQ 19th October 2009

QinetiQ North America to Deliver Asset Tracking Services to FEMA $15.6m Contract will serve federal emergency response and recovery missions Th[more]

QinetiQ 15th October 2009

QinetiQ North America to Support Army Sustainment Command with Intelligence Analysis $10.3M Rock Island Arsenal contract continues more than six y[more]

QinetiQ 12th October 2009

QinetiQ's PACSCAT technology demonstrator takes to the water The PACSCAT (Partial Air Cushion Supported CATamaran) Innovative Solution Demonstrator[more]

QinetiQ 6th October 2009

QinetiQ North America's Sniper Detection Systems Going to Afghanistan as Part of Land Warrior Program Individual Units Worn by Soldiers Pinpoint S[more]

QinetiQ 6th October 2009

QinetiQ highlights force protection technology at AUSA - Booth 4145 With the ability to locate and quickly indicate a target to other members of a[more]

September 2009

QinetiQ 4th September 2009

QinetiQ wins £23m electric propulsion contract for European mission to Mercury QinetiQ today announced that it has signed a £23m contract wi[more]

August 2009

QinetiQ 24th August 2009

QinetiQ sells TALON robots to Australian Defence Force There are now more than 2,800 TALON robots deployed around the world QinetiQ Group PLC, [more]

QinetiQ 17th August 2009

Metrix awarded £31m training contract QinetiQ Group PLC, an international provider of technology-based services, announces that Metrix, a joint [more]

QinetiQ 11th August 2009

QinetiQ North America Develops Kit to Transform Bobcat Loaders into Robots Temporarily 'Roboticizes' Any Bobcat Loader with Selectable Joystick Con[more]

QinetiQ 10th August 2009

QinetiQ's new day or night camera puts the eyes on Vancouver's runways Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is the first commercial airport in the[more]

QinetiQ 1st August 2009

QinetiQ robots deal should help cut transport delays Following a successful series of trials, QinetiQ is now working alongside key government partn[more]

June 2009

QinetiQ 26th June 2009

US Navy awards $56.4M TALON robot contract to QinetiQ North America QinetiQ North America, makers of the leading TALON® family of military/first[more]

May 2009

QinetiQ 29th May 2009

QinetiQ readies Aberporth UAV centre for Watchkeeper Watchkeeper trials scheduled to commence in the Autumn A key milestone in the £899m MOD[more]

QinetiQ 6th May 2009

QinetiQ strengthens presence in US cyber security market through acquisition of Cyveillance, Inc QinetiQ Group plc announces today it has signed a[more]

April 2009

QinetiQ 7th April 2009

GOCE spacecraft fires up QinetiQ ion engines Electric engines - designed, built and tested at QinetiQ's space centre in Farnborough, UK â[more]

March 2009

QinetiQ 16th March 2009

Revolutionary GOCE spacecraft benefits from QinetiQ precision QinetiQ's electric engines are playing a crucial role on a revolutionary spacecraft [more]

February 2009

QinetiQ 9th February 2009

QinetiQ extends its TALON robot family to meet challenges of mine detection and counter-IED in Afghanistan QinetiQ has extended its TALON family [more]

QinetiQ 5th February 2009

QinetiQ part of winning team for MOD contract to improve situational awareness in the battlespace UK solution will connect and correlate multipl[more]

January 2009

QinetiQ 26th January 2009

QinetiQ and Secerno partner to provide managed security QinetiQ and Secerno, the technology leader in data security, have announced a partnership [more]

QinetiQ 23rd January 2009

QinetiQ's asset tracking system is up to the global challenge - even from Antarctica Iridium based secure global asset tracking solution delivers[more]

December 2008

QinetiQ 16th December 2008

Trials prove novel QinetiQ solution for F-35B ‘rolling landings' on Royal Navy's future aircraft carriers in high sea state condit[more]

QinetiQ 2nd December 2008

QinetiQ North America Announces New Orders for TALON Robots and Spares Totaling $58.5 Million QinetiQ North America, a global developer of innovat[more]

November 2008

QinetiQ 25th November 2008

QinetiQ North America rolls out a robotic first: the field-transformable Dragon Runner robot QinetiQ North America's Technology Solutions Gr[more]

QinetiQ 23rd November 2008

US Army Places $9.95 Million Order for QinetiQ North America's Next Generation of Soldier-Wearable Sniper Detectors US Army's first large-s[more]

October 2008

QinetiQ 29th October 2008

QinetiQ North America to support FBI Engineering Research Facility QinetiQ North America's Mission Solutions Group has announced that its S[more]

QinetiQ 20th October 2008

Qinetiq North America To Provide Engineering Support To Army's Apache Helicopter Fleet Awarded five-year, $10.9 million task order... [more]

QinetiQ 20th October 2008

QinetiQ coordinated team to provide independent 'client adviser' support to the MOD's Future Submarines IPT A QinetiQ coordinated team has been aw[more]

QinetiQ 13th October 2008

QinetiQ strengthens its consultancy business with acquisition of Commerce Decisions QinetiQ Group plc announces today that it has acquired Commer[more]

QinetiQ 13th October 2008

QinetiQ help identify AUS $400m savings on F/A-18 refurbishment for Australia's Defence Material Organisation Australia's Minister for Def[more]

QinetiQ 7th October 2008

Qinetiq North America Wins $206 Million SPAWAR Contract The Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center San Diego has awarded the Systems Engin[more]

QinetiQ 6th October 2008

U.S. Army Places $9.95 Million Order for QinetiQ North America's Next Generation of Soldier-Wearable Sniper Detectors The Army's Fir[more]

September 2008

QinetiQ 19th September 2008

QinetiQ North America's new flight optimisation software saves fuel and mission time A new software tool that allows pilots to easily adjust altitu[more]

QinetiQ 2nd September 2008

QinetiQ awarded 15-year £150m maritime facilities contract by Ministry of Defence A 15-year agreement between the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and[more]

August 2008

QinetiQ 26th August 2008

QinetiQ's Zephyr UAV flies for three and a half days to set unofficial world record for longest duration unmanned flight Zephyr's reputation as th[more]

QinetiQ 11th August 2008

QinetiQ awarded DARPA Phase 2 contract to continue development of 'first-of-their-kind' sensors A QinetiQ led team has secured a 33-month $22m foll[more]

July 2008

QinetiQ 25th July 2008

TopSat celebrates 1,000 days in orbit TopSat, the micro-satellite designed and built by a QinetiQ-led consortium of British firms, celebrated its [more]

QinetiQ 17th July 2008

QinetiQ graduate led team deliver innovative unmanned air vehicle as part of the MOD ‘Grand Challenge' initiative UAV can fly ‘[more]

QinetiQ 14th July 2008

QinetiQ supports Mantis UAS demonstrator programme following its award by MOD to BAE Systems QinetiQ as a Tier 1 supplier to BAE Systems will cont[more]

QinetiQ 16th July 2008

QinetiQ and Boeing mark successful first year with "The Portal" The Portal is an Advanced experimentation and analysis capability that meets MOD [more]

QinetiQ 16th July 2008

MOD announces landmark teaming with industry for complex weapons - Team Complex Weapons (Team CW), an innovative partnership between the Ministry of D[more]

QinetiQ 16th July 2008

QinetiQ plays key role in development of Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter The world's most experienced aerospace indu[more]

QinetiQ 14th July 2008

QinetiQ to support Boeing on DARPA programme to develop Ultra-Long-Endurance Aircraft Technologies Boeing has selected QinetiQ as its key technolo[more]

June 2008

QinetiQ 23rd June 2008

MOD awards QinetiQ a 10-year, £24m contract for Harrier Through-Life Support QinetiQ has just been awarded an MOD contract worth almost £24 [more]

QinetiQ 13th June 2008

Heathrow goes live with Europe's first runway debris detection system QinetiQ's Tarsier system operational at Heathrow Heathrow, the worldâ[more]

QinetiQ 6th June 2008

QinetiQ North America Ships First MAARS Robot New ground robot system extends warfighter's reach and provides both Non-Lethal and lethal combat c[more]

May 2008

QinetiQ 28th May 2008

QinetiQ secures major passive sonar system contract from Kongsberg for six Norwegian ULA Class submarines QinetiQ has been awarded a £3.8m cont[more]

QinetiQ 28th May 2008

QinetiQ North America announces new $400 million IDIQ contract for Talon robots and spares QinetiQ today announced that QinetiQ North America's Te[more]

QinetiQ 14th May 2008

QinetiQ, Boeing and MOD complete 30-month MTDS demonstrations programme with exercise ‘Avenging Eagle' Innovative distributed trainin[more]

QinetiQ 8th May 2008

QinetiQ ensures Vancouver International Airport keeps an eye out for FOD New fully automatic cameras complement QinetiQ's Tarsier runway de[more]

QinetiQ 7th May 2008

QinetiQ signs Naval Design Partnership contract Team appointed for future design coordination to bolster UK Naval ship design capability Qinet[more]

April 2008

QinetiQ 29th April 2008

QinetiQ North America Wins $190 Million NASA Environmental Test and Integration Support Services Contract A five-year, $190 million contract wit[more]

QinetiQ 1st April 2008

QinetiQ welcomes progress on DTR programme QinetiQ has welcomed the confirmation of pre-contract funding for Package 1 of the Defence Training Revi[more]

QinetiQ 1st April 2008

QinetiQ achieves commencement of service for the Combined Aerial Target Service to UK's armed forces on time and budget QinetiQ has today brought i[more]

February 2008

QinetiQ 25th February 2008

QinetiQ's GRC sells Paramarine Seagoing for Submarines software to Canada GRC Ltd, a wholly owned QinetiQ subsidiary, has just secured a contract w[more]

QinetiQ 22nd February 2008

QinetiQ contracted by Boeing for modification and test & evaluation work for eight Chinooks Following the announcement of a £62m contract in D[more]

QinetiQ 13th February 2008

QinetiQ's Westar subsidiary to provide technical services and expertise to support US Army Apache helicopter fleet The US Army Aviation & Mi[more]

QinetiQ 6th February 2008

QinetiQ North America Joins Innovation Network for Warfighter Systems QinetiQ North America, a world-class developer of innovative technology solut[more]

QinetiQ 5th February 2008

QinetiQ sells four Towed Array Handling Systems to Spanish Navy QinetiQ has just announced the sale of four Towed Array Handling Systems (TAHS) to [more]

January 2008

QinetiQ 31st January 2008

QinetiQ appoints US Admiral as non-executive director Admiral Giambastiani QinetiQ Group plc, the international defence and security technology co[more]

QinetiQ 22nd January 2008

QinetiQ conducts environmental trials on MAN military trucks Cold trial in QinetiQ's environmental chamber QinetiQ has just completed a series o[more]

QinetiQ 18th January 2008

QinetiQ agrees to purchase a third Australian defence consulting company Acquisition of AeroStructures strengthens QinetiQ's footprint in Au[more]

QinetiQ 15th January 2008

QinetiQ helps deliver operational capability improvements to the UK Sea King Mk4 fleet Carson main rotor blades proved to generate up to 2000lb inc[more]

QinetiQ 14th January 2008

QinetiQ North America's Breakthrough Gunshot Localization Technology Gets High Marks in Combat Testing Ears(TM) Miniature Sniper Detection Solutio[more]

November 2007

QinetiQ 19th November 2007

Trusted Borders signs contract with UK Home Office for e-Borders project QinetiQ to provide security accreditation and human factors services Tr[more]

January 2008

QinetiQ 14th January 2008

QinetiQ's SPO security system to protect travellers in the United States Millimetre wave technology purchased by the TSA QinetiQ announced today[more]

December 2007

QinetiQ 12th December 2007

QinetiQ manufactures and delivers LOKI underwater countermeasures solution to Norwegian Navy LOKI Countermeasures ready for shipment LOKI Counterme[more]

QinetiQ 7th December 2007

MOD awards QinetiQ contract to deliver part of the major Watchkeeper UAV programme at ParcAberporth, West Wales QinetiQ's support for the de[more]

QinetiQ 6th December 2007

QinetiQ delivers a robotic solution for fires involving Acetylene cylinders Commuter disruption caused by fires that are close to railway tracks an[more]

November 2007

QinetiQ 21st November 2007

QinetiQ is part of UK industry team for FRES bid Generic FRES-type utility vehicle A team led by BAE Systems that includes QinetiQ, Cranfield Un[more]

QinetiQ 19th November 2007

QinetiQ launches OptaSense for border, pipeline and cable security applications Protecting borders, pipelines, underground cables and critical infr[more]

QinetiQ 15th November 2007

Doha International Airport announces purchase of a QinetiQ Tarsier system QinetiQ's runway debris detection system to be installed in Qata[more]

QinetiQ 7th November 2007

TopSat satellite imagery to support disaster relief operations Satellite images captured by TopSat, the micro-satellite designed and built by a Qin[more]

October 2007

QinetiQ 25th October 2007

QinetiQ successfully fires composite 155mm artillery munition QinetiQ, as the lead contractor in Team ImpaQt, has successfully fired the first metr[more]

QinetiQ 24th October 2007

QinetiQ has share of project LISTENER assessment phase contract QinetiQ, as part of the KAIROS Consortium, which L-3 Communications leads and also [more]

QinetiQ 24th October 2007

QinetiQ announces acquisition of Boldon James QinetiQ Group plc announces today that it has completed the acquisition of Boldon James Holdings Limi[more]

QinetiQ 22nd October 2007

QinetiQ establishes service and support centre for Talon robots in Australia QinetiQ, a leading international defence and security technology busin[more]

QinetiQ 11th October 2007

QinetiQ's Tarsier runway debris detection system evaluated by the FAA at TF Green airport TF Green Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island, is the first c[more]

QinetiQ 17th October 2007

QinetiQ North America teams with VeriTainer Corporation to bring radiation scanning to the World's Ports QinetiQ North America (QNA) announced toda[more]

QinetiQ 9th October 2007

QinetiQ's North America subsidiary Foster-Miller unveils ‘transformer-like' robotic platform Interchangeable weapon and manipul[more]

QinetiQ 10th October 2007

QinetiQ North America wins US Army Research and Technology Protection Contract valued at up to $35.8m The Security and Intelligence Business Unit o[more]

September 2007

QinetiQ 19th September 2007

QinetiQ led team wins Deep Fire Rocket Systems contract British programme to focus on de-risking key technologies and create a better knowledge bas[more]

QinetiQ 10th September 2007

QinetiQ's Zephyr UAV exceeds official world record for longest duration unmanned flight QinetiQ’s Zephyr High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) Unma[more]

June 2007

QinetiQ 18th June 2007

UK Taranis UAV passes first major milestone The £124m Taranis Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) technology demonstrator programme, with BAE Systems as [more]

QinetiQ 18th June 2007

QinetiQ speech recognition technology allows voice control of aircraft systems Successful flight trials for QinetiQ's Speaker Independent Direct Vo[more]

QinetiQ 19th June 2007

QinetiQ conducts rolling Harrier landing trials on French carrier QinetiQ's VAAC Harrier undertakes payload boosting landing trials on the F[more]

QinetiQ 1st June 2007

QinetiQ's polarisation technology results in £800k contract for further research into tripwire detection QinetiQ has won an 18 month cont[more]

May 2007

QinetiQ 31st May 2007

Foster-Miller's contract for TALON robots and spares increased to $150 million US military recognise value Talon robots deliver in neutralising imp[more]

QinetiQ 22nd May 2007

QinetiQ launches high sensitivity GPS surveillance and tracking device QinetiQ has launched its high sensitivity GPS remote surveillance and tracki[more]

QinetiQ 17th May 2007

QinetiQ wins contract to use Tornado F3 for BVRAAM trials BVRAAM trials to prepare for use on Typhoon QinetiQ has secured a £5.5m contract fro[more]

QinetiQ 10th May 2007

QinetiQ appoints new Technology Solutions managing director QinetiQ, the international defence and security technology company, is pleased to annou[more]

QinetiQ 9th May 2007

QinetiQ wins PECOC defence clothing assessment contract QinetiQ has competed and won a 16-month contract, valued at over £3.5m, for the Ministry[more]

April 2007

QinetiQ 26th April 2007

QinetiQ subsidiary Foster-Miller announces additional $26M funding for 151 more TALON robots Foster-Miller Inc, a wholly owned QinetiQ subsidiary, [more]

QinetiQ 26th April 2007

US Military expand use of PSI's Precision Airdrop System Planning Systems Incorporated (PSI), a QinetiQ subsidiary and a leading network cen[more]

QinetiQ 25th April 2007

QinetiQ technology to improve emergency services communications Thorcom licences secure multi-bearer routing software An agreement between Qinet[more]

QinetiQ 18th April 2007

QinetiQ security system piloted at Staten Island by US authorities A QinetiQ security system is being used to detect explosive devices on passeng[more]

QinetiQ 5th April 2007

QinetiQ wins significant workshare in UK MOD project HELIX contract With L-3 Communications' Integrated Systems (IS) subsidiary being named [more]

QinetiQ 4th April 2007

World first as fast jet pilot directs multiple unmanned aircraft QinetiQ successfully demonstrates UAV autonomy for UK MOD A system which provid[more]

QinetiQ 3rd April 2007

QinetiQ wins MOD radiation effects contract - Advanced electronics can be effected by cosmic radiation Future equipment programmes to benefit fro[more]

QinetiQ 3rd April 2007

QinetiQ and Natural Power Consultants agree exploitation license for ZephIR NPC to market QinetiQ wind speed measurement system to the wind energy [more]

March 2007

QinetiQ 20th March 2007

QinetiQ appoints new MD for airport technologies business Phil McLachan QinetiQ is pleased to announce the appointment of Phil McLachlan as managi[more]

QinetiQ 12th March 2007

QinetiQ completes UOR to put a satellite communications system on MOD helicopters in under 12 weeks QinetiQ has integrated a civil satellite commun[more]

QinetiQ 1st March 2007

QinetiQ led team wins £5m guided 155mm shell contract QinetiQ, as UK prime contractor for Team ImpaQt, has just secured a £5m contract for a [more]

February 2007

QinetiQ 8th February 2007

A109 Power helicopter increases ETPS capacity to train helicopter test pilots The Empire Test Pilots' School (ETPS) at Boscombe Down in Engl[more]

January 2007

QinetiQ 17th January 2007

QinetiQ wins £9.48m armoured vehicle 'survivability' contract * A QinetiQ led team has competitively bid and won a £9.48m MOD research[more]

December 2006

QinetiQ 28th December 2006

The UK's next generation bomb disposal robots to be supplied by Northrop Grumman, teamed with QinetiQ Northrop Grumman through its Remotec UK subsi[more]

QinetiQ 14th December 2006

QinetiQ finalises £308m CATS contract to supply MOD with an aerial target service for the UK's armed forces QinetiQ has today signed a contract [more]

QinetiQ 11th December 2006

QinetiQ subsidiary Foster-Miller awarded $1 Million contract for non-lethal ballistic Boat Trap net QinetiQ subsidiary Foster-Miller Inc, has been [more]

QinetiQ 4th December 2006

Crown teams up with QinetiQ to resolve challenges of RFID on metal packaging QinetiQ and Crown Holdings, Inc. have launched a joint development pro[more]

QinetiQ 1st December 2006

QinetiQ signs five-year X-Net production contract with US military The British invention that brings automotive vehicles quickly and safely to a st[more]

QinetiQ 1st December 2006

QinetiQ awarded DARPA contract to explore ‘first-of-their-kind' sensors QinetiQ has secured a two-year $5.0m research contract from th[more]

November 2006

QinetiQ 28th November 2006

QinetiQ completes world's first in-flight demo of multiple unmanned aircraft autonomy system Major milestone in the development of unmanned air veh[more]

QinetiQ 24th November 2006

IT industry looks to human behaviour experts to improve security Human factors working group worth up to £50k to be established A QinetiQ-man[more]

QinetiQ 9th November 2006

QinetiQ's Mirach system is targeted by US F-16 Fighters Mirach The United States Air Forces Europe (USAFE) 555th 'Triple Nickel' F-16 Fighter S[more]

October 2006

QinetiQ 7th October 2006

QinetiQ subsidiary Foster-Miller awarded $10 million LAST Armor order Light-appliqué armour to be fitted to 85 new Mastiff Protected Patrol Vehi[more]

November 2006

QinetiQ 1st November 2006

QinetiQ launch European satellite interference location service UK-based service added to Asian operation; first customer secured Responding to[more]

QinetiQ 1st November 2006

QinetiQ awarded $11.3m in contracts with US Marine Corps through its subsidiary Apogen Technologies QinetiQ, through its subsidiary Apogen Technolo[more]

October 2006

QinetiQ 23rd October 2006

QinetiQ breaks into US defence sonar market with US$7.7m contract QinetiQ has won a US $7.7m (£4.1m) three year contract from Bluefin Robotics C[more]

QinetiQ 26th October 2006

QinetiQ's unmanned fast inshore attack craft goes into operational service with the Royal Navy Delivered by QinetiQ on time and within a £500k b[more]

September 2006

QinetiQ 28th September 2006

QinetiQ awarded £1.6m Aegate secure hosting contract Drug authentication system to benefit from decades of frontline security expertise A new[more]

October 2006

QinetiQ 10th October 2006

QinetiQ subsidiary's precision airdrop system now used by US Air Force to resupply troops in Afghanistan Precision Airdrop System (PADS), a system [more]

QinetiQ 10th October 2006

QinetiQ shares success in Harrier GR9 celebrations QinetiQ today joined BAE SYSTEMS, DLO's Harrier IPT and other VIPs at RAF Cottesmore to celebrat[more]

QinetiQ 10th October 2006

QinetiQ subsidiary Foster-Miller announces TALON contracts worth $42.8m QinetiQ subsidiary Foster-Miller Inc, has received two US orders for TALON[more]

September 2006

QinetiQ 14th September 2006

QinetiQ wins contract to replace magnetic and acoustic sea ranges in Saudi Arabia QinetiQ has won a contract from the VT Group to improve safety fo[more]

QinetiQ 5th September 2006

QinetiQ wins £1.4m contract to develop novel radar target simulator QinetiQ has won a £1.4m contract to develop a novel radar target simulato[more]

August 2006

QinetiQ 31st August 2006

QinetiQ delivers successful Joint/Allied NEC ‘Cursor on Target' Trials A network enabled machine to machine, 'effects delivery' demons[more]

QinetiQ 8th August 2006

QinetiQ signs £52.5m Typhoon support extension contract QinetiQ has today (Tuesday 08 August 2006) signed a contract with the Defence Procuremen[more]

May 2006

QinetiQ 9th May 2006

QinetiQ and Thales UK awarded £1.7m 'first phase' of decision support contract Aim is to reduce operator workload and improve detection & iden[more]

QinetiQ 9th May 2006

QinetiQ is part of team selected by MOD for Albion - the next generation thermal imaging programme The UK MOD has just awarded an £8.45 million,[more]

QinetiQ 26th May 2006

QinetiQ led team successfully takes NEC capability to Sea Culminating a £6.3m contract for both development and trials activity over a three yea[more]

QinetiQ 26th May 2006

QinetiQ's Foster-Miller subsidiary wins new $63.9 million contract for TALON robots Foster-Miller Inc, a wholly owned QinetiQ subsidiary, has been [more]

April 2006

QinetiQ 11th April 2006

Network to tackle cyber crime, ID management and biometrics A new partnership is to be established to provide a UK-wide focus to address a number o[more]

December 2005

QinetiQ 19th December 2005

New era of low-cost Earth observation dawns as first images received from TopSat The first high resolution images of the Earth transmitted by TopSa[more]

November 2005

QinetiQ 24th November 2005

Successful Dubai demo of runway debris detection system QinetiQ's award winning Tarsier system excels in first Middle East outing An award-[more]

October 2005

QinetiQ 11th October 2005

QinetiQ and BAE Systems partner to develop and advance technology A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between QinetiQ, its US affil[more]

QinetiQ 11th October 2005

QinetiQ and BAE Systems partner to develop and advance technology A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between QinetiQ, its US affil[more]

QinetiQ 11th October 2005

QinetiQ's Electromagnetic EMC Group launches mobile test facility QinetiQ's EMC Group is enhancing its world leading mobile EMC test capability for[more]

QinetiQ 11th October 2005

Saab contract signals first commercial sale of QinetiQ's synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) equipment QinetiQ has signed a contract worth £500,000 f[more]

June 2005

QinetiQ 15th June 2005

QinetiQ navigation system to be demonstrated to RN during Trafalgar 200 Fleet Review Orpheus' music saved the Argonauts from being lured t[more]

QinetiQ 15th June 2005

Anti-terrorist diver detection system offers early alert against threat QinetiQ's high performance swimmer detection sonar system, Cerberu[more]

QinetiQ 15th June 2005

QinetiQ's Diver Reconnaissance System is ideal for shallow littoral waters An underwater navigation and search system to increase the effect[more]

QinetiQ 15th June 2005

QinetiQ's major underwater countermeasures contract for new Norwegian Frigate Programme QinetiQ has signed a contract worth over $5 million [more]

QinetiQ 15th June 2005

NEC underwater communications system Unlocking underwater battle space Proteus, QinetiQ's network enabled multi-mode acoustic communication[more]

QinetiQ 15th June 2005

QinetiQ exhibits maritime defence technologies UDT Europe 2005 This week in Amsterdam QinetiQ is exhibiting some of its underwater marine defence [more]

February 2005

QinetiQ 1st February 2005

Quadrant launched to provide low cost airport surveillance A new low cost air traffic surveillance system has been launched by QinetiQ, Europeâ€[more]

QinetiQ 10th February 2005

UK team secures multi-million pound next-generation maritime radar contract QinetiQ and its partners AMS and Roke Manor Research Ltd have begun w[more]

March 2005

QinetiQ 14th March 2005

New force in human sciences led by QinetiQ in bid for major new MOD contract QinetiQ has joined forces with the Thales-owned Quintec and 25 other[more]

January 2005

QinetiQ 23rd January 2005

Contract won by QinetiQ and BAE SYSTEMS team for Tornado F3 upgrade programme QinetiQ has won a £5.5 million contract from BAE SYSTEMS to deliv[more]

March 2005

QinetiQ 14th March 2005

QinetiQ and OTG's three-hull ship design turns turbulent seas into calmer waters for North Sea oil industry -QinetiQ signs agreement with [more]

December 2004

QinetiQ 15th December 2004

New MD appointed for QinetiQ's growing Security business QinetiQ has appointed Simon Stringer as the new managing director for its rapidly [more]

March 2005

QinetiQ 3rd March 2005

Government must prove accuracy of ID cards technology - says QinetiQ chief New survey reveals public's ambitions for biometrics and ID cards[more]

QinetiQ 14th March 2005

QinetiQ and Global Point Technologies - Providing secure services in the global freight tracking market with the world's most compact trackin[more]

January 2005

QinetiQ 5th January 2005

Lightweight eye tracking moves out of the laboratory as QinetiQ signs commercial manufacturing deal with ASL Following the signing of a manufact[more]

March 2005

QinetiQ 14th March 2005

UAVs: technology "not enough" to ensure greater safety in the skies says QinetiQ expert. - Key to future success of UAVs must be achieved through an[more]

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