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SRH3800 and/or SRH3800 sGPS hand-held radio with Arabic display
SRH3800 and/or SRH3800 sGPS hand-held radio with Arabic display

SRC3300 covert radio
SRC3300 covert radio

SRH3500 sGPS hand-held radio with Arabic display
SRH3500 sGPS hand-held radio with Arabic display

SRM3500 mobile radio
SRM3500 mobile radio

SRG3500 mobile gateway
SRG3500 mobile gateway

SRH3500 hand-held radio with English display
SRH3500 hand-held radio with English display

What we do

Sepura is the only network-independent supplier of TETRA terminals, and one of three suppliers that dominate this market. We offer the widest range of standard and specialist TETRA products available, in terms of frequencies, languages and features. Of all TETRA suppliers, Sepura's products are unique, operating on all TETRA infrastructures. We supply over 500 organisations in more than 70 countries. Our customer base includes police, fire, ambulance, military, utilities and transport organisations, our radios help them to perform their vital communication functions effectively and safely. We are committed to driving the development and beneficial usage of TETRA products and delivering first-class customer service at all times.

What makes us different

We do one thing, and do it well. Sepura is focused 100% on TETRA, investing heavily in research and development to ensure our products meet and exceed our customers' demands.

Our market-leading products and technical expertise are matched by our unrivalled customer service. We have spent many years working with emergency services organisations, ensuring that we deliver the products that they need. By building close relationships we ensure our solutions evolve to keep pace with our customers and their needs.

The results are clear. Sepura is now the second largest TETRA radio supplier worldwide, with large market shares in the UK, Russia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our market growth is matched by continuing company expansion.

Nobody understands the TETRA radio market better than Sepura.

Who we are

Sepura employs over 200 people sharing more than 500 man-years of TETRA expertise at our headquarters in Cambridge, UK, with a team of Account Managers spread across the world. More than 65 sales partners work with Sepura, including local distributors, global systems integrators and TETRA network suppliers.

We drive the development of the TETRA standard. We are a prominent member of international bodies, such as the TETRA MoU Association Board and ETSI TETRA committees.

Sepura is debt-free, profitable and financially strong.

What makes our radios different

Sepura radios lead the industry. They are light and robust, with innovative features designed to make life safer and easier for users. We offer the largest range of TETRA radios, supporting every TETRA frequency band, operate on every manufacturer's infrastructure, and are certified for use on all the major public safety networks, including O2 Airwave, ASTRID, OTELink, VIRVE, RESCAT and C2000.

Key features of our radios include:

  • End-to-End encryption for the highest security
  • The most accurate and award-winning GPS functionality, to locate users quickly even in built-up environments
  • The most powerful vehicle radios (10 Watt) to extend working range
  • Common user interface across all products to aid ease-of-use and minimise training
  • Fast configuration and multi-radio programming to speed up rollout and minimise support costs
  • Three-year warranty, which can be extended up to five years.

Who we help

Sepura radios are solving the communications challenges of the most demanding organisations in the world. Used by the majority of police forces in the UK, Sepura radios are proven in more hours of operational usage than the radios of all other suppliers combined. In addition to the many police forces across Europe, we supply military customers ranging from the US Department of Defense to the armies of Greece, Norway, South Korea and the UK, as well as fire brigades, ambulance services and public transport organisations. Commercial users include Air France, Russian Railways, Petroleum Development Oman, Saudi Electricity Company, China Light and the security staff of Athens Olympic Stadium and Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid.

How to reach us

Sepura is committed to providing the best in TETRA radios, now and in the future.

No other vendor offers such proven dedication to uncompromising customer service and technology innovation. Get in touch to find out more.


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November 2008

Sepura Ltd 11th November 2008

Sepura TETRA radios have been chosen by the Atlantis Palm, a new $1.5 billion resort in Dubai that boasts over 1,500 rooms and suites. The sales w[more]

October 2008

Sepura Ltd 31st October 2008

Paris suburb chooses Sepura's new STP8000 radio The Paris suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois is to equip its police and municipal services with Sepu[more]

October 2007

Sepura Ltd 31st October 2007

Sepura wins contract with Metropolitan Police Authority Sepura has been awarded two contracts to supply London's Metropolitan Police Service with mor[more]

Sepura Ltd 31st October 2007

Argentine police force increases order with Sepura Mendoza Police, the second in Argentina to switch its critical communications to digital TETRA rad[more]

November 2007

Sepura Ltd 13th November 2007

Sepura steps in to Macedonia with major contract win Sepura has won a major order to supply digital TETRA radios to the Police of the Republic of M[more]

January 2008

Sepura Ltd 31st January 2008

Sepura wins another major contract in Hungary Sepura has won a contract to supply TETRA digital radios to the Hungarian Disaster Management Agency.[more]

Sepura Ltd 8th January 2008

Sepura wins two major contracts in the Netherlands In a nationwide contract success, Sepura has been named one of three approved suppliers to the D[more]

February 2008

Sepura Ltd 18th February 2008

Fire service of St Petersburg chooses Sepura The fire service in St Petersburg has followed the city's ambulance service by choosing Sepura [more]

March 2008

Sepura Ltd 13th March 2008

Sepura wins Government agency contract in Beijing Sepura has won a major contract in China to supply TETRA digital radios to the Beijing Administra[more]

Sepura Ltd 24th March 2008

Thessaloniki's ambulance service selects Sepura Sepura has secured its first contract with an emergency services organisation in Greece, to supply[more]

Sepura Ltd 17th March 2008

Sepura is to supply 10,000 digital TETRA radios to the Pakistan police force, in the first phase of their migration to TETRA. The contract was sec[more]

April 2008

Sepura Ltd 24th April 2008

Sepura's first-ever sales win in Namibia has taken the total number of countries where TETRA has been adopted to one hundred, according to figures iss[more]


Sepura Ltd 30th November -0001

Sepura's GPS technology is proving highly successfully in Bermuda among a wide range of users, including police and commercial companies. The islan[more]

Sepura Ltd 30th November -0001

Xiamen Port in China selects Sepura The Port of Xiamen is one of Sepura's latest contract wins in China. Xiamen is one of the fastest-growin[more]

May 2008

Sepura Ltd 31st May 2008

SEPURA LAUNCHES STP8000 HAND-PORTABLE High performance digital radio breaks new ground in TETRA Sepura announces the launch of its STP8000 serie[more]

Sepura Ltd 31st May 2008

Government of Mendoza increases Sepura order by 30 per cent The Government of Mendoza in Argentina has placed a further order for the regionâ€[more]

June 2008

Sepura Ltd 4th June 2008

Sepura takes off in India at new Bangalore airport In Sepura's first sales win in India, TETRA digital radios have been supplied to the new [more]

Sepura Ltd 9th June 2008

Sepura and Tyco Electronics sign global distribution agreement Sepura has signed an agreement to supply TETRA digital radios and accessories to the[more]

Sepura Ltd 20th June 2008

Sepura radios assist new Doha airport in Qatar Construction companies working on the New Doha International Airport in Qatar are using Sepura TETRA[more]

July 2008

Sepura Ltd 29th July 2008

Sepura wins first major order in Indonesia Sepura has won its first major order in Indonesia, to supply TETRA digital radios to the Jakarta State [more]

August 2008

Sepura Ltd 11th August 2008

Sepura wins contract at the new Grand Prix in Spain Sepura has won the contract to supply TETRA digital radios for the security and corporate hosp[more]

Sepura Ltd 12th August 2008

Sepura wins another airport contract in India Sepura has won a further contract in India at the new Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, t[more]

Sepura Ltd 31st August 2008

Sepura wins further contract in Beijing to support Olympic Games Sepura has won an additional order to supply TETRA radios to the Beijing Police f[more]

Sepura Ltd 28th August 2008

Sepura provided TETRA radios during Pope Benedict XVI's holiday retreat in the Italian Alps, to assist in the smooth running of his visit. D[more]

Sepura Ltd 31st August 2008

Leicestershire is latest UK police force to renew its Sepura TETRA radios Leicestershire Constabulary, one of Sepura's first-ever major cust[more]

October 2008

Sepura Ltd 7th October 2008

Sepura's 500,000th TETRA digital radio has rolled off the production line at the factory of its manufacturer, Siemens AG in Austria. Commencing man[more]

Sepura Ltd 15th October 2008

Sepura opens new office in Amman Sepura has opened a new office in Amman as part of the company's continuing global growth. With Sepuraâ[more]

Sepura Ltd 17th October 2008

Netherlands and Belgium approve Sepura STP8000 radio Sepura's new STP8000 hand-held radio has been formally certified by national authoriti[more]

Sepura Ltd 28th October 2008

St Petersburg Flood Barrier - third sales win in Russian city Sepura TETRA radios are to be used by the St Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier, a $[more]

January 2008

Sepura Ltd 7th January 2008

Sepura wins first contract in the Philippines Sepura has won its first-ever contract in the Philippines to supply TETRA digital radios to the Manil[more]

July 2008

Sepura Ltd 21st July 2008

Sepura wins first police order in India Sepura has won its first contract with an Indian police force, to supply TETRA digital radios at Gurgaon, a[more]

August 2007

Sepura Ltd 23rd August 2007

Kazakhstan's capital city moves forward with Sepura radios Sepura TETRA digital radios are now providing the advanced communications for the[more]

Sepura Ltd 22nd August 2007

Sepura supplies 10,000 TETRA radios for Pan Am Games and Rio Police One the largest deployments of TETRA radios in South America took place in Jul[more]

July 2007

Sepura Ltd 19th July 2007

Sepura extends contract with Panama Canal Authority Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has again selected Sepura SRH3500 sGPSâ„¢ hand-held TETRA radi[more]

Sepura Ltd 11th July 2007

Mexico utility agency comes back for more Sepura radios Mexico's state power company, Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), has again [more]

Sepura Ltd 9th July 2007

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency selects Sepura Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has selected Sepura to supply its' officers with more than 5,000 T[more]

April 2007

Sepura Ltd 23rd April 2007

SYTRAL deploys Sepura on the Lyon public transport system. Sepura's TETRA radio terminals have been selected by SYTRAL, the second-largest p[more]

Sepura Ltd 11th April 2007

Swedish Fire Brigade selects Sepura Kalmar Fire Brigade in Sweden has selected Sepura terminals for use on RAKEL, the country's digital rad[more]

Sepura Ltd 5th April 2007

Sepura claims new world speed record for TETRA terminals Sepura TETRA technology provided successful radio communications during the high speed rai[more]

Sepura Ltd 3rd April 2007

Sweden's Prison and Probation Service select Sepura Sweden's Prison and Probation Service has chosen Sepura terminals for use on RAKE[more]

March 2007

Sepura Ltd 21st March 2007

Sepura radios approved by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security Sepura TETRA radios in 350MHz have received official endorsement from the Ministr[more]

November 2006

Sepura Ltd 1st November 2006

Sepura expands its presence in Germany Sepura announces the imminent launch of its German subsidiary Sepura Deutschland GmbH and the opening of off[more]

Sepura Ltd 8th November 2006

Germany's Krupp Mannesman selects Sepura Sepura TETRA radios have been selected by the Krupp Mannesmann steel factory in Duisburg, Germany. [more]

July 2006

Sepura Ltd 3rd July 2006

Seville International Airport joins growing list of Sepura users Seville International Airport, part of the AENA group, has just become Sepura's la[more]

June 2006

Sepura Ltd 23rd June 2006

Sepura radios help improve public safety in St. Petersburg Sepura and its partner Compas+Radio are pleased to announce a further success in the Rus[more]

Sepura Ltd 7th June 2006

Swedish Coastguard selects Sepura radios Sepura has been selected to provide its TETRA digital radios to the Swedish Coastguard through its partner[more]

Sepura Ltd 6th June 2006

Sepura secures approval on Austria's Digital Public Safety Network Sepura TETRA radios have received official certification to operate on Austria's[more]

May 2006

Sepura Ltd 23rd May 2006

Sepura opens office in Dubai Sepura announces the registration of its offices in Dubai, in the Airport Free Zone Area (DAFZA), whose expansion is [more]

Sepura Ltd 11th May 2006

Samsung ship-building extends TETRA with Sepura Since 2005, Samsung Heavy Industries' Geoje shipyard in South Korea has used Sepura TETRA ra[more]

April 2006

Sepura Ltd 26th April 2006

Gdynia port in Poland selects Sepura One of the container terminals in the Harbour of Gdynia in Poland has selected a TETRA communication system[more]

Sepura Ltd 24th April 2006

Continued success in the airport sector for Sepura Sepura has recently closed two significant deals with Spanish airports and expects to be able to[more]

March 2006

Sepura Ltd 30th March 2006

The Panama Canal Authority selects Sepura The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has selected Sepura SRH3500 TETRA radios to manage traffic on one of the[more]

Sepura Ltd 10th March 2006

Finland's Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority selects Sepura The Radiation and Nuclear safety Authority of Finland (STUK) has chosen Sep[more]

February 2006

Sepura Ltd 20th February 2006

Swedish Police choose Sepura as their exclusive supplier of TETRA radios The Swedish National Police Board has selected Sepura as the exclusive su[more]

Sepura Ltd 14th February 2006

Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs selects Sepura for Moscow traffic safety The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has selected Sepura terminal[more]

Sepura Ltd 6th February 2006

Sepura first to secure approval on Swedish National Public Safety Network The test results of the public tender for the Swedish National Public S[more]

January 2006

Sepura Ltd 23rd January 2006

Brazilian success for Sepura and Teltronic's partnership. The Secretary of Public Safety of the Brazilian State of Bahia has chosen a Teltr[more]

Sepura Ltd 19th January 2006

Serbian Ministry of Interior selects Sepura radios Sepura has signed a prestigious contract to supply TETRA radios to the Ministry of Interior (MoI[more]

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